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Naruto Chapter 442 ( English )

Naruto Chapter 442: The Last Gamble

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Naruto Spoiler 443

These are collated Predictions, Theories and Spoilers of Naruto 443. I will release the confirmed scanned pics and Spoilers for Naruto 443 RAW by Wednesday, April 8 (Japan Time).

Status: Prediction

Chapter 443: What's your name? Reveal yourself.

"Naruto plunges into Pain with the Rasengan"

Pain: - Gaaahh!
Nagato: - *cough cough* ahggg...!

"Naruto and Pain hits the ground and slides into a block standing 5 meters away, the crash crumples the stone."

"As the stones falls to the ground and the dust settles out of the rumble a shadow arises. Naruto, his shoulders hanging towards his sides and blood running from a wound in his chin lets his head fall back in exhaustion... His cloth are torn and covered in dirt from the collition. He looks up towards the sky, it's so blue. He looks back down towards Pain. Pain lies incapacitated on the ground, a big wound in his chest and his arms broken. Blood is pouring from his mouth."

Naruto: - What's your name? Your real name.

At Hinata:

"Sakura looks tired"

Sakura: - There...I've done what I can. Let me see Pa...
Neji: - Will she be alright!?
Sakura: -Yes Neji..yes...It was a close call though.
Neji: - Hinata...why did you....

"Sakura walks over to Pa"

Ma: - It's to late Sakura.....he is gone...

"Ma starts crying. Sakura looks sad"

Sakura: - I'm sorry Ma...I was to late.
Ma: - It's not your fault Sakura...we were not prepared to handle Pain. It is our misjudgment that made this reality.....and Naruto still fights for us..

"Neji looks towards Naruto and exclaims"

Neji: - It seems that Naruto have defeated his opponent!
Ma: - !! He did it! Did you hear that Pa! He did good...He is the destined child after all, you would be so proud..

"Ma starts crying into Pa:s chest"

At Naruto:

"Pain looks up towards Naruto, Naruto is standing in the light of the sun"
"Nagato see this Naruto through the eyes of Yahiko and his own eyes widen"

Nagato: - The...destined child....
Konan: - What's happening Nagato!?
Nagato: - He....he has defeated us...utterly.
Nagato through Yahiko: - You have won this battle Naruto. My name is Nagato, this body is Yahiko.

"Naruto looks towards the location of Nagato then back at Yahiko"

Naruto : - I want to talk to you, the real you..Nagato.
Nagato: - If you wish to speak you have to come to me, you know where I am. Bring Yahikos body as a sign of trust.

"Naruto flinches and become more serious"

Naruto: - Trust?...I don't know what will go down or if we will fight. All I know is that I must speak to you.

"Naruto seems to be in deep thought"

Nagato: - That is fine for now, I ask you to bring Yahiko then, as a favor, even if you owe me nothing.

"Yahiko's eyes turn normal and his body turns limb. Naruto stands silent for awhile."

Naruto thinks: Jirayia, Father, Kakashi...Pa... is this what you mean? I'm starting to find my answers....but....I can't forget about you....what he has done.... I must be prepared.

"Naruto sits down, and meditate, pondering all he has learned....loosing his physical self in thought, becoming still and gathering Natural energies."

"Naruto awakes, stands up, walk over to Yahiko, picks him up and Jumps of"

"You see Naruto jumping through the air towards Nagato from the side. The one that is looking is Madara. He is standing on a tree branch very far away, his eye focused on the location of Naruto."

Madara to himself: - The nine tail was suppressed it seems...but he did not do that alone, I felt it...he had help. This has become interesting indeed.

"Naruto lands in front of the place where Nagato sits. He doesn't see Nagato because of Konana cover. Naruto puts down Yahikos body and as he stands up again, zoom into his eyes, he is in Sage mode again. He glares right towards the spot Nagato and Konan is They both feel the power of his resolution"

Naruto: - Reveal yourself!

How will the fated meeting between the pupils and destined children go?
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by Shiver X
1. It is so nice to see Kakashi's face smiling again. Does this mean that in next chapters we will finally hear about Kakashi?? Look at him smiling. With that cover pic - I think Kishi is telling us, "Hey don't worry - Kakashi is alive!!" See Kakashi's Face Revealed!
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2. Im kinda disappointed - because the colored pages are not the FIGHT SCENE!! I've been anticipating this confrontation between Naruto and Pein as something truly awesome!!! Full colored action scene would have been perfect - what do you think??? This is what I mean...
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Image by: AndreCnJ
by: Fukurou247

3. The nice thing about this chapter is the defeat of Pein. True, we have all been wanting to get rid of this monstrous-character. My question, do you really want to end the Naruto-Pein conflict in this chapter now? What I mean is - there is not much told about Pein!!! Okay, his real body was shown, his distorted belief about experiencing pain was revealed, but seriously - we still don't know much about him!! Do you agree with me, or not??
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  • * What happened from boy Nagato to become Pein??
  • * What is the thing behind the use of Yahiko as Deva/God Pein??
  • * I'm sure there is also explanation why his body seemed so deteriorated!
  • * What makes him (and Konan) join the Akatsuki?
4. That blow might destroy God/Deva Pein's body, that impact must have (or will end Pein). But remember, there is still Nagato! Although that same blow will definitely weaken Nagato to the max - Nagato is still Nagato! He may look frail but his pain keeps him going.

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by: (Naruto Addict)
Status: Analysis

This last issue answered a few big questions.

1. The Sharingan is way stronger then the Rinningan. Just cuz he can use all 6 elements, (witch we havent seen...yet) Nagato couldnt even sense the chakra in the rocks around him. If it was Sasuke, he would have known the rocks were KB's. So the Sharingan is stronger just based off that.

2. Naruto is by far, the strongest in the village and stronger then Sasuke at this point. Sasuke couldnt even beat the 8 tails and Naruto took out all 6 Pains himself. Not even the kyuubi killed the last Pain, Not even J-Man could kill any of the Pain's when all 6 were there.

I dont really have any predictions for the next chapter except that Naruto and Nagato are going to talk. I think Konan will try to put up a fight but Nagato will stop her and both of em will talk, and Naruto's charm will some how change Nagatos view about Peace. Then he will die due to his condition and Konan will help Konaha and Naruto in some way because Naruto helped Nagato find Peace after years of pain.
by: Uzumaki Chuck Norris
Status: Prediction

heres what i guessing will happen:

1. naruto will rush to the hideout and either kill them or chat them to death (either way works with me so long as they die)

2. hinata will wake up and first thing she will say "where is naruto?!" sakura or the slug will tell her and we will see what sakura is thinking during that time.

3. we may ( however i do not think we will) see how the REST of the village is doing or at least whats left of it, and we may she for those who think kakashi is still alive we may find out the answer (however not to be a salt in the wounds but i highly dout he is but i can easly be wrong.

4. we will probly see mainly naruto this entire chapter so prediction 2 and 3 above we may not see till 444 if I'm right at all.

5.we will see paper lady TRYING to fight naruto but naruto kills her either by lighting her up with a lit match stick, or some jutsu and who knows nargeto (forgive me if i spellt it wrong) may be in some fighting machine and try to take naruto but his chances are .000000001% of success.

6. (sorry may seem I'm going back to the pairing thing again) after naruto deals with paper lady and nargeto he may rush back to the village to see how every ones doing and to she if hinata is still alive and she make wake up whens hes watching over her and then naruto responds to hinata they are both happy sakura a tad sad but knows she never made a move on naruto but rejected him a lot so she can understand.
by: Donnic
Status: Prediction

Pain's Demise

(God realm spews up blood from his mouth. Naruto's attack blows a hole through God Realm. Naruto lands near his defeated adversary.)

"Amazing Naruto. You've saved the village," said Katsuyu. "Its not ever yet. There is still one last thing I have to settle first," said Naruto. "

That's right, the real one. Before you went into Kyuubi Mode, Shikimaru and a few of the code breakers were planning to organize a search to locate Pain's real body. I'll call it off and tell everyone of your victory. But, are you nervous about your encounter with the real body," asked Katsuyu.

"No. In Sage Mode I was able to feel his life energy. It felt weak. Maybe using the bodies injured him somehow. But I guess I'll find out the truth when I meet him," said Naruto.

Switch Scene To Nagato's location:

(Close up on Nagato's face shows a horrified demeanor.)

"Pain's been defeated. What's worse is that he used Sage Mode previously to track down my location. He should be here shortly. Leave while you can," said Nagato.

(Konan is teary eyed)

"I'm not going to leave you behind. You're all I have left in this world. Besides, Madara would have nothing to do with me now that you're away. His ideals, his values, and his culture will take priority, don't tell me you've given up now. You're the Akatuski Leader, you are God, and you are unbeatable. You will bring peace to this world gone mad," yelled Konan.

"I have nothing. Our particular vision of peace will come to an end. Perhaps the shinobi world can't know peace. I can't see peace coming any other way though. How is it that the Rinnegan, a tool of salvation can't save the world? I was destined to be the savior. Why is it that I fail?

(Blood rushes from Nagato's nose and mouth. Konan shuts her eyes)

As I live out the few moments of my life in uncertainty, I await his answer to prove if this world can be saved or not. No one is holding you here Konan. Leave me, I rather face him alone," said Nagato.

(Konan turns into origami butterflies then floats away)

Switch Scene to Shikamaru's and co:

"Naruto defeated Pain and is tracking down the real body," said Katsuyu.

"That boy. He's something else. To think he'd be able to hold the Kyuubi in place. He's really living up to Jiraiya's expectations," said Inoichi.

"This generation is definately taking over. Its almost time for me to rap it up and leave everything to guys like Naruto and Shikamaru over here," said Shikaku.

"He did a good job, who'd expect anything less," said Shikamaru.

Switch Scene to Team Gai and Sakura:

"I knew he could do it. Jiraiya and Pa would be so proud of the Child of prophecy," said Shima.

"That Naruto kid. Learning Sage Techniques, defeating the head of Akatuski by himself, and stopping the Kyuubi. His prestige reminds me of someone. I bet Tsunade knows who I'm talkin about," said Gai.

"His dreams of being Hokage are now that much likely. It wouldn't be a shock to assume that he's more capable than us all now," said Neji.

"He's certainly come a long away since the chuunin exams," said Ten-Ten. "He just keeps getting stronger and stronger. Will I ever catch up to him," asked Lee.

"Heh, heh. The name Naruto will probably be famous around these parts, don't you agree Sakura," asked Gai.

"Naruto. (Flash backs of him saying he would be Hokage and a great shinobi and what not.) I guess the villagers can feel safe as long as he's around," smiled Sakura.

Switch Scene to Nagato's location:

"Took you long enough. You said you wanted to speak with me. Now let me here your answer," said Nagato. (Naruto is shocked by the look of Pain's real body.)

Next Chapter: They finally meet. How will Naruto react to Nagato's eagerness to speak?
by: The Special One
Status: Prediction

My short pedicition:

Yahiko is lying on the ground with a huge hole in his body. He is till alive when Naruto gets to him.

Naruto: ''Good, that rasengan was not to kill you on instant.''
Yahiko: ..........
Naruto: It is time for a little talk.

Scene switches to Nagato and Konan. Nagato is belading from his mouth and his eyes.

Konan: NAGATO!!!
Nagato: Stay away Konan. It is too late for me...I failed.
Konan: No, Nagato...NO!!!

Scene switch to Naruto and Yahiko.

Yahiko: You fool, can't you see what have you done? When I die the peace will die with me.
Naruto: No, the peace will live on. You asked me about the peace, and I have the answer.
Yahiko: You...know...
Naruto: As long as we forgive each other there will be peace. A man who can summon strentgh to forgive his archenemy is the man who can bring peace to the world. And that is why Pain, I forgive you.

Yahiko: It...can't be...he figured it out...
Naruto: Now I'm going to talk to the real you.
Naruto turns to walk away, but Yahiko shouts ''STOP!''
Yahiko: I am...dying. I will be dead long before you get to me.
Naruto: this can not end this way.
Yahiko: Looks like...I've won. You won't save me and because you killed me your little theroy will die when I die.

Naruto: No, I can still make it.
Naruto runs away, leaving Yahiko behind.
Naruto: I can't let Pain win.

Scene switches to Konan and Nagato.
Konan is crying.

Konan: No Nagato...not yet.
Nagato: My dear Konan, it is time. Now...I see...that I was wrong.
Konan: We...we all make mistakes Nagato.
Nagato: Naruto...
Konan: I will kill him, I promise.
Nagato: No...protect...must protect Naruto.
Konan: ???
Nagato: He knows...he found another way...please Konan...protect him...from Madara.
Konan: I will, I promise.
Nagato: Thank you...Uzumaki Naruto.

Nagato dies.
by: Dr. Who
Status: Prediction (Fanfic)

Awesome Chapter Looks like Naruto has his old creative touch back. Here is my prediction. FIRST PAGE!

Naruto 443: Tears

Tendou: Yahiko....
Tendou dies

Naruto: Now for the real pein!
Katsuya:..... Lets go!
Naruto : What about Hinata and Fukasaku.
Katsuya: They are being healed by Sakura san.

Naruto I have to stop Pein thoughts
Naruto Jumps

Naruto: He was in that direction!

Jumps away

Nagato:BASTARD, he destroyed Yahiko!!!
Nagato Vomits blood, this time violently falls of chair
Konan : Nagato!!!!!
Nagato: I see death ! I see us ... all those years ago........ Fear.

Nagato has a flash back...
The three of them are in a burning house, hundreds of konoha ninja are fighting out side
Nagato(KId):Yahiko konan hurry up, the're coming!!!
Yahiko: We'll be fine!!! Don't worry , you have the rinnengan.
Konan: watch out!
A ninja jumps in.

He hits Nagato.

Yahiko: You asshole.
He jumps at him., The ninja uses a fire jutsu killing him.
Nagato: Nooo. Yahiko!!!!

The ninja escapes>>>>

Nagato:You monster!!!!
Nagatto crying no!!!!

Yahiko: Nagato, I have one last request!!
Presest day Nagato: I never remembered this part...!!!

Back to past

Yahiko: Live life to the full..... Don't avenge me
Nagato: Why not????
Yahiko: Cos' this is war , and It will never stop. My life is over. Don't waste yours. Look after konan. And don't create more hatred.....

Nagato. But ill make people scared and stop war.
Yahiko: Noo..... The reason wew fought is to stop fear make the world happier..... We can't stop war,,, no one can... but we can make the world happier. Even if only a little bit..... Enjoy life..... Don't fear

Yahiko dies.

Nagato: I will yahiko ( crying ) I will for you

Voice inside his head
Voice(pein): Don't worry nagato.... I can help you....

Nagato: Who are you?

Voice : I am the one who will avenge yahiko, and bring him back to life. I will stop war. I will make people know your Hurt.

I am Pein.
Nagato:No thats not what I want.

Voice: I'm sorry , I don't care, I' reside in the rinnengan. You don't control me.

Nagato is brainwashed. and emotionally changes
Nagatos starts crying. Konan picks up yahiko.

Konan: Come on we have to leave .

Nagato is shell shockes.
Nagato. ( to voice ) Ok Then.....
Nagato follows konan....

The next day .

Konan : Nagato.
Nagato: I'm afraid Nagato died last nighht.... I am pein!

Present day. Nagto is on the ground crying.

Nagato: I remember now, that feeling of fear. Yahiko, didn't want revenge!!!
Nagato: All i did was turn him into a puppet....
Nagato: I've made so many mistakes.


Nagato:Peace isn't fear. NOt what i had to go through... I remember now ....
Nagato: What fear is!!!!!!!!!!!

Naruto Arrives.
Naruto: You're crying.......

Has Nagato found enlightinment. Has he remembered his past, in a near death experience.
Next time "Understanding"

by: Naruto the Toad Sannin (NB)
Status: Prediction (FanFic)

Naruto 443: The Impossible answer

Tendou falls back.
Naruto: My answer, is "I don't know, it isn't real. Peace is impossible, but happiness is........."

Tendou: Urghhhh..... what... do.. you.....urghhh!
Tendou falls over .

Tendou: This body was a dear friend of mine, a bit like sasuke to you.......
Naruto: then why do you use him as a puppet ! Thats not ewhat friends do!!!!
Tendou jumps up

Tendou: Don't tell me about friends!!
Tendou uses black sword thing...

HIts naruto, turns out that is KB filled with natrual energy

The sage energy attaccks tendou .
Throws him down
The real naruto appears , still in Sage Mode

Tendou: How are you still in sage mode!?
Naruto : Think back, when you blew clones away, that was a distraction, I sent one away to gather sage energy.
Tendou: That fast!!!!

NAruto: I thinks it time I left for your reaal body.
A kb above tendou lumps down with rasenrengan, kills tendou.
Tendou: Arghhhhh!

Naruto Leaves

Naruto: I think I should see to hinata first>
Katsuya: Its fine sakura is healing her.
Naruto: Ok,, I guess I can't let Pein escape

Scene Change.

Hinata is fully healed.
Hinata: Where is naruto?
Sakura: It's OK , he's fighting Pein.
Hinata:I mean-
Sakura: You love him don't you...
Hinata : Yeah.......

Sakura looks hurt..

Rock Lee: Sakura over here , You have to help this toad !!!!!!
Sakura: OK then.
Might Guy: Good Luck Naruto...,

Scene change to Nagato.....

Nagato: He destroyed yahiko.
Konan: That brat!!!
Nagato: He didn't know what peace was!

A shadow appears in opening.

Nagato: Uzmaki!!!!
????: Afraid not!!!
Nagato : Who?

Yamato: My name is Captain Yamato.
Yamato: Pein is it.

Nagato : Konan!
Konan: Yes Nagato!

Konan and Yamato begin to fight outside .
Nagato's armchair thing jumps to top of the tree.

Change to Naruto. The tree with Nagato is in sight.
Naruto: Yamato Sensei, Whats he doing there?

Yamato versus Konan, Naruto's Conversation with Pein. A conclusion is Near!
Next time: "Origami"

by: Naruto the Toad Sannin (NB)